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About Jan

Jan Cooper is the head of Cooper Studios, Pump Records and is one of Canada's top vocal coaches. He has worked with many of the industry's top producers and writers, including Loverboy, Whitesnake, Grammy award winning producer Bob Rock, Alex Wong of So You Think You Can Dance, Lisa Brockop, and US5 among many others.Besides Cooper Studios in Vancouver,he also has his partner Jack Cooper who runs Cooper Studios in Sherwood Park Alberta.Jack takes the raw product, develops and promotes his talent locally. While Jan promotes the artist internationally.

Jan acts as a representative for bands at the world music trade show MIDEM in Cannes for the past 25 years as well as Berlin's Popkomm.

He attended Julliard School of Music workshops and was a high school teacher for eight years. Jan also sang in his own band for 20 years and has been involved in musical theatrer both on stage and as a director. He judged at internaetional singer/songwriter competitions in Canada as well as in Belarus, Romania, Baton Rouge and Cairo.


"It was my pleasure to become involved with Jan Cooper through LinkedIn early in 2015. 

We corresponded, and then met for a business lunch, where we found mutual goals regarding the marketing of my music to MIDEM. Since I had dealings with a variety of managers and publishers previously with not much in the way of results, I was initially skeptical.  Jan proved an astute business man, who was able to deliver on his promises through his network of solid connections amongst the Record and Publishing companies at MIDEM. I was more than a little surprised and very happy to secure deals with 4 major publishing companies in Europe, Asia, and South America. These were markets that had been well beyond my means to conduct business with up until this time.  He is a real gentleman, and very patient as well as responsive to any questions I’ve had during this process. I would recommend Jan Coopers’ services highly to anyone with the ambition to market their music world wide. He is well worth the money spent!"  

 - Robert Burton
Hubele Poet of the Blues 

   +1 (604) 813-8897

"I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Jan Cooper, for the beneficial work he has done on behalf of Dianne Meinke and myself. We hired Jan to shop our Music and Enterprizes, at the MIDEM Gathering, in Cannes, France, in 2015. To our surprise and amazement, Jan brought the Bacon home, in the form of several Agreements and Contracts, outside the United States, which we are both in the process of fullfilling. This will lead to a mutually profitable and busy future, doing what we have set out to do. Thanks to Mr. Jan Cooper, who is a vocal coach Extraordinaire, an honorable businessman, and Studio Operator, our Future is looking bright. In the Present. I am proud to have JAN COOPER, as a Friend, business associate and collaborator, on our team. It is without hesitation, that I give my complete confidence, trust, faith and recommendation to Jan as a man who honors his commitments, for the highest mutual good. We are happy and thankful to have Mr. Cooper, as part of our Team."

 - Cosmo Ohms, President Anamaze Booking Agency 

   +1 (561)-704-6983

We have been dealing with Mr. Cooper for almost a year. We contacted Mr. Cooper as we wanted to take our daughters recording to the next level. Mr. Cooper attends a yearly conference in France where music licencing deals are offered from the world's leading record labels. Mr. Cooper was very patient and ensured we knew every step of the process getting my daughters music package ready for the conference, there were no guarantees as one never knows what a label may be looking for. Mr. Cooper contracted us from the conference to share all updates and nexft steps. We were fortuante to have our daughters music signed with 4 coutnries with 4 more countries presenting contracts. It should be noted that our daughter's music is not traditional pop music. We anticipate that her music will be playing before Xmas in several countries to millions of people. All of this would not be a reality without Mr. Cooper We look forward to our next year with Cooper studios. 

 -Angel Berry, 

  +1 (403) 680 8460

The Latest Testimonial




I reviewed your website and listen to your music Beautiful soulful and you will surely achieve because you Believe.


It's big world out there waiting to discover your talents. Jan Cooper follows  though on his word. If it's a global

Market you are going for Jan is very connected and fruitful in moving hard work artists such as yourself forward. I on the other hand appreciate your complements and need to find the belief in me again as you know it all starts there.


In short Jan Cooper is a strong bet in a world plump full of insincerity. He would not have contacted you had he not felt strongly about your music if he did not believe ...


I will watch for you :) 

Best of everything for you in the coming year  

Stay true.

Merry Christmas 


Jacqui b 

Another Testimonial from the group 5 AM

Hey Jan,


It's Troy, Alvaro's writing/production partner in 5AM. We spoke a little on the phone a few months ago, but I just wanted to personally thank you for your partnership in getting these songs to Warner. I cannot express how grateful I am for you. I hope you are well. Again thank you for all you do.


-Troy Scott

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